Japanese 100 Yen shop or $1 store

September 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

Japanese 100 Yen shop

I love to shop and when I travel, I love to pick up cool kitchen gadgets. My kids laugh at me as they think it’s funny when I get excited about a new strainer or peeler.

Tokyo has 100 Yen shops that sell household items and are equivalent to North American dollar stores. I was very surprised that they would even exist here. When I found out that many of Saya’s gadgets are from there, I was very excited to see the store for myself.

They are basically the same as the $1 stores that we have in Canada. The only difference is that the quality is very high in Japan and the design of the items are very practical and cute.

I had accumulated a long list of items that I wanted to bring back to Canada but by the time I stocked up on Japanese sauces, rice crackers and other food, my free luggage space had diminished.

I went a bit wild at the first 100 Yen store and bought some beautiful Japanese ceramic bowls, a ginger grater, felt coasters and tea towels made from linen. I decided to cool down at the second store but of course I could not resist. I bought a veggie slicer, a cute minnie mouse lunch container with a picture of the eiffel tower, a cute animal duster and lots of candy for my kids.

I have already started a list for the next time that I visit Japan and for sure will bring extra luggage.


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