This blog offers healthy and natural vegetarian and vegan options that everyone in your family can enjoy. The mother of 2 teenage kids, a girl and boy, I know the importance of feeding active kids nutritious foods that they need for growing. The meals that I have selected to be a part of this blog are easy and quick to make and use ingredients that are most likely in your cupboard. My recipes are a hit for both adults and kids alike and can be adapted to add your own touch.

The reason why I started this blog is because people are constantly asking me for healthy vegetarian recipes. A vegetarian for 25 years now and having raised 2 healthy kids on a vegetarian diet, I became the expert in this field. I use a lot of super foods in my recipes and love kale as you can see. But I never comprise on flavour. Being of Indian descent, I have a lot of curry recipes that spice up any vegetable or dish.

My food philosophy is to eat as organic and natural possible. The more nurturing that goes into the food, the better the quality of nutrients and taste. Food is a way for us to nourish our bodies as well as our minds and soul. What we put into our bodies will affect our health, mood and energy.

How we cook and eat our food is just as important. The state of our mood and how we feel will affect the energy that goes into the food. Plus taking the time to enjoy and experience our food will increase it’s healing effect on the body. Eating can be a beautiful way to nurture our bodies and give it the energy that it needs. Creating a connection to our food and the art of cooking with strengthen this bond.

I hope that you enjoy my recipes as much as I do. Bon Appétit.


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