Abba Restaurant – Varkala Beach 

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I’ve been coming to this restaurant since my first visit to Varkala beach in 2010. For India it has exceptional service, the food comes quickly and the people working there are very personable. I tend to eat there at least once a day and the papaya smoothie became my new favorite on this trip. It has papaya, yogurt, lime and ginger ($2). 

The dinner is also very good and the garlic naan ($1) is delicious. For some reason I did not take many photos off all the food that I ate there but I do have a photo of the veg pakoras ($2). They are fried but not too greasy and come with s small salad. It’s nice to share as a midday snack or as an appetizer. Abba restaurant is located on the south cliff near in Varkala. 


Tibetan Kitchen – Vegetable Momo Soup

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I am on holiday in south India in the state of Kerala which is known for its beautiful beaches. Varkala beach is situated on a cliff and 3 bodies of water merge there making the sea very tumultuous. At midday it gets unbearably hot and I retreat to the Tibetan Kitchen  on the cliff top to rest in the shade where there’s a full breeze. 


I usually get this Momo soup for lunch as its a light meal. It comes many veggies including carrots, spinach and celery in the soup and the broth is light and simple. The monos are handmade by the Nepali cooks and have shredded carrots, cabbage, ginger and garlic inside. Tibetan food has so much soul which is why I keep going back. 

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