Fire Creek Coffee – Sedona, Arizona

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fire creek coffee

This local coffee shop features small batch on site roasted coffee that comes from small family farms. The coffee shop had a nice energy and I felt like I was at someone’s home. They had an open kitchen concept and could see into the baking area through a glass window. In the back corner, you can also see them roast their coffee.

I got a small americano and cinnamon streusel that tasted like a donut. I asked for the americano with less water than usual as I like them stronger. The americano was full and bold even though it was slightly watery for my palate. The muffin was very tasty and still warm inside. It was a really nice place to go for a coffee to start the day.

Fire Creek Coffee is located 6500 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ. Visit their site for their menu

fire creek coffee


Stella Artois Cidre

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stella artois cidre

I found this Stella Artois Cidre at a gas station in Sedona, Arizona. I had never seen it before and decided to try it. I was surprised to see that Stella Artois makes an apple cider since it seems so far off from their world famous signature beer. It came in a pack of 4 for $6.95.

When I got back to the hotel, I opened one up with a can opener. The 4.5% hand pressed apple cider was very sweet and tasted more like a juice than an alcoholic beverage. It was refreshing and easy to drink due to the low alcohol content.

I personally think that the cider would taste better if the alcohol content was higher which would reduce the sweetness factor. My friend on the other hand, liked the cider and did not mind the sweetness nor the low alcohol content.

The bottle was beautifully crafted with sleek labels and etchings near the top. It set the tone for a high quality product and fell slightly short for my palate. If you are looking for a sweeter cider to drink in the day, then this is great for that. I am sure that this cider will be available this summer just in time for bbq season.

Cheddar Beer and Maple Bacon Kettle Chips

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I picked up these chips at the Wholefoods in Chicago when I was there in November of last year. Yes, I know that was months ago but it has taken me this long to blog about them. I had a reader nudge me to write as she is hooked on Coriander Kitchen and missing my regular posts. This is for her. Well these chips caught my attention as I had not seen these flavours before. Both these flavours seem very Canadian as we are know for our bacon and  as being beer drinkers.

The chips taste quite opposite on the palate. The maple bacon was sweet and the cheddar beer savoury. The maple bacon has a strong bacon flavour and the cheddar beer has a prominent taste of hops. It essentially tastes like a beer burp. I’ve since seen the maple bacon in stores in Vancouver but the cheddar beer is still to come. I wonder if beer flavoured items are not allowed here.

My son preferred the cheddar beer flavoured chips, where my daughter liked the maple bacon better. I couldn’t decided which I liked better and found both equally good.

You can buy the maple bacon chips are natural foods stores and where you buy Kettle Chips.

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