Adventures in Rome

October 23, 2013 § 1 Comment


I clearly remember my first trip to Italy in the summer before grade 12 like it was yesterday. I fell in love with it’s architecture, culture and of course it’s food. After a few decades of separation, I finally made it back. My plan was to eat everything in sight and so I worked out like crazy a few months before I left to increase my metabolism. My journey started as soon as I got on the plane.

For some strange reason, the airline did not receive my vegetarian meal request and I was starting to wonder how I was going to make it to Rome on an empty stomach.  Fortunately the lady sitting beside me was a pilot who was going to Rome for her shift and seemed to have some pull with the flight attendants.

She explained my situation and they were kind enough to bring me a left over meal from first class, cheese ravioli with a tomato sauce. It was so good that I could not even believe that it was plane food. My new pilot friend also was able to get us both glasses of wine from first class, I got VIP service in economy.

The next day, I arrived in Rome in the morning and was greeted by my friend at the airport. On our way back to their place, I was asked if I wanted to stop for a cappuccino, it was like he read my mind.

We stopped at a cute bar where we got a table outside. A friend met us there and we placed our order. It took me some time to sort through the rows of pastry in the case and decided on an apple tart and cappuccino. I was shocked when 2 cappuccinos, an iced coffee, pastry and bottle of water came to 4 euros or $7. Each sip of my frothy cappuccino was delicious and made me feel like a local.

singita miracle beach

My friends had planned a beach day and it seemed like the best place to relax after a long flight. We went to Singita Miracle beach where all the sexy Romans go to spend their saturday. We spent the day sun worshipping and as soon as the sun began to set, we moved to a table on a white sheet and sat crossed legged and shared drinks and food.

rome sunset

We sipped on the Italian beer Peroni and munched on a flat bread cracker that I had never seen before. A dj was playing electronic music and a white piano hid his equipment. The mood changed as the sun set and partiers migrated from the city.

flatbread crackers

After such a long day, I still was up for more and we decided to head into Rome for dinner. We went to my friend’s restaurant and we ordered pizza. I got a plain Margherita pizza and my friend got a pizza with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes on top.


The pizza was absolutely amazing. The crust was really thin and could not be eaten by hand. I had a bit of trouble eating pizza with a fork and knife only because I didn’t have the patience to cut eat piece. The crust was a little soft and soggy and the cheese was delicious. Their idea of mozzarella is like the Canadian version of a firm bocconcini. It so was filling that I only ate about 2 pieces and took the rest home for the next day.

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