Japanese Snacks

September 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Japanese snacks

This is the delicious assortment of Japanese snacks that was presented to with coffee.  Well that is except for the chocolate. At home the only savoury snacks I eat are chips. These are way better and the textures and density vary, creating a nice effect on the palate.

Starting at the upper left is imo kenpi which is made from sweet potatoes, a popular vegetable in Japan. They look like really old McDonald’s fries that have turned brown. They are very sweet and have a crunchy candied exterior.

To the right is a delicious chocolate that is made from coconut nectar and coconut milk. It was made in switzerland and absolutely divine.

The two bottom items are rice crackers. The left one is called okaki and the right is called okaki senbei meaning with soy sauce. The round ones look like a flattened quarter and are quite crispy and light on the palate. The okaki are fluffy and airy with a salty coating.

They are all so yummy and filled me up for hours. I am definitely stocking up on bags of all three snacks before I go and hope to find them at the Japanese grocery store at home.

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